Policy Plans That Is Needed

Life Insurance For Individuals With HIV

There are not a lot of companies willing to insure people that tested positive for HIV. The biggest reason is the health issue itself, they see people with this condition as high risk and is simply not willing to take the chance.

Luckily there are companies out there like All Life Cover that will give you whole comprehensive protection. Thus, you would have to join their adherence program. This program involves a blood test, if your CD4+ levels are below 200 cells/mm3, you would have to commit to Antiretroviral Therapy with them and you will be tested every 6 months. Your results would send to the company, to check if your levels and health. If after 2 consecutive tests show a reduction in your CD4+ count or a Viral Load (above 1000 copies/ml), you will receive an official warning and to make sure that you follow the adherence program as agreed.

The health practitioner will go though the steps with you, you just have to obey the rules. This way you will survive your condition and keep your policy. This is a chronic and fatal disease.