Policy Plans That Is Needed


What Is Life Insurance?

It is an assurance plan that a person or family buy, in case the breadwinner or someone in the family get cancer, a disability or die. This plan will provide your beneficiary with the sum of money that your policy held.

Some people in South Africa see it as a death protection plan.

What Can Be Done With This Money?

Basically, it can be used for anything including daily needs, education fees, mortgage, medical bills, investments or anything that one can think about.

This money belongs to the loved ones, and they can use it to survive, especially if the one that died or with a disability is the breadwinner of the household.

The Two Types Of Policies:

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Term Life Cover
This is a policy that is due a certain time. You can choose the term period and just pay your monthly fee until that term ends.

Whole Life Cover
This plan you take out to provide protection for you and your loved ones till you are on pension or if one of the policyholders come to pass. You will be covered your entire life basically and therefor will pay a monthly fee until then.

Video Description Of Life Cover

What Does Compare Quotes Mean?

This means that you take each company and what they have to offer for a certain rate, compare it to another company. So, you do this with as many firms until you have found the provider that meet your requirements and that is the affordable. In other words, you have checked out with company will give you as many benefits as possible for the lowest rate.

Where Can I Get Cheap Rates Or Prices?

Well, you can start here or CoverQuotes.co.za… we offer you the option to get free information and rates for various offers. Just find the form. Rememeber, the agent that will get in contact with you, with the variety of plans, assistance is also free. So, if you have other requirements, tell them and they will help you find that cheap policy with all the advantages.

Which Company In South Africa Is More Affordable And Reliable?

Truth be told, all the firms providing the service of life cover plans in South Africa is reliable. There is not one of them that you cannot trust. Yes, some are expensive and some are cheap, but that does not mean the one is better than the other. It is just about what and with whom you are willing to invest in. There are lots of life companies to look at.

Names Of Firms:

  • Frank
  • Group
  • Hollard
  • Instant
  • Liberty
  • Metropolitan Or Metlife
  • Momentum
  • Nedbank
  • Old Mutual


  • One
  • Platinum
  • Regent
  • Reliance
  • Sanlam
  • Smart
  • Southern
  • Standard Bank
  • Virgin
  • ABSA
  • African
  • All
  • Budget
  • Channel
  • Clientele
  • Credit
  • Discovery
  • First For Women
  • FNB